What are NDIS Supported Family Holiday?

What is an NDIS Family Holiday?

There is no one more enthusiastic than the person who is booking their family holiday. Looking at destinations and deciding on what activities we want to do, fills us all with a great deal of excitement. However, some of us have factors to consider that many others can simply overlook. Disabilities within a family can change the way we holiday; it’s no longer a case of ‘book and go’. Those with disabilities or with disabled family members may require extra assistance and support when going away. These costs may be funded by the NDIS. Depending on your particular requirements, you may receive support for the costs of a support worker, hiring specialised equipment and claiming for the use of accessible transportation and holiday accommodation in Yamba. People with disabilities deserve to enjoy their time away in the same way as everyone else; and at the Angourie Resort, they can do just that.

The Angourie Resort offers a service to those with mental and physical disabilities that can’t be matched. Located in Yamba, our rainforest retreat NSW is nestled amongst a dense rainforest that provides a first-hand natural experience. With beaches, restaurants, cafes and bars, all within close proximity, the Angourie Resort is a huge hit with families. Within the resort, you can find a spa, gym, heated pool and vast outdoor areas in which the whole family can spend quality time having BBQs or just lounging around.

When it comes to choosing the accommodation for your NDIS family holiday, we offer one-bedroom apartments, romantic retreats in NSW and two-bedroom villas. Every room is fitted with a fully functioning kitchen, but onsite restaurants are available if you choose to eat out. We can offer ground floor accommodation for those guests who are living with with a physical condition. These apartments cater to those who require wheelchair accessible vacations and come with large bathrooms that are fitted with disabled access showers.

When you book your NDIS family holiday, you can rest assured that the Angourie luxury resorts in NSW will have you covered. Disabled children, family members and carers can all enjoy a well-deserved rest in a luxury retreat in NSW. Our professional staff will be at hand to deal with the cooking with an onsite restaurant offering room service or a-la-carte dining, cleaning and the usual daily chores. The Angourie team are there to make your holidays for disabled and carers that little bit easier. They will take away the stress and worry that is involved when travelling away from home. Having support 24/7 can be expensive, so receiving the Short Term Accommodation funding for NDIS supported holidays, will help to keep costs low.

Want to Know More About Our NDIS Supported Holidays?

If we have piqued your interest and you want to know more about what NSW getaways for families we can offer you; or if you need assistance when booking your NDIS supported holiday, please reach out and contact a member of our helpful team, who will be only too happy to help and answer any questions regarding holidays with children with disabilities you may have. You can get in touch via telephone or email, and we will endeavour to provide you with as much information as possible.

However, if what you have read or seen has been enough to help you make up your mind, then please check us out online and take a look at all we have to offer. Alternatively, if you would prefer to customize your booking, ensuring all your preferences and needs are met, then please use the form available on our website. Here at the Angourie Resort, we want to ensure that your stay with us is the best that it can possibly be; from the time you make your booking to the moment you wave us goodbye.