Yamba Real Wedding – New Year Wishes & Midnight Kisses

Yamba wedding

Falling in love was easy for Steph and Ethan. As their friendship grew, their mutual desires and dreams took their affection to a deeper level. Waiting for the ultimate moment; a night filled with exciting emotions of new beginnings and new love, Ethan took the chance to begin the new year with Steph by his side and sealed it with a kiss. And as Ethan says, “the rest is history…”

Angourie Resort in Yamba was another easy choice for Steph and Ethan. Attending events here in the past with friends and family, they were already familiar with the convenience of a wedding at Angourie Resort, and all that was included in the Bar and Bangalow venue option. With accommodation close by, they had a hassle free, all inclusive experience. Steph and Ethan had a vision of coastal charm, with forest surrounds, and were simply thrilled when their personal coordinator pulled it off.

Yamba Wedding

How did the two of you meet? Please tell us your story

We had worked together for a few years and spoken to each other on occasion, but not consistently. I think we had both been single for a few months and were looking for someone new in our life. So we started talking over the phone and we just clicked. We both had similar goals and ambitions, it was just so easy to talk to each other. So we did the usual teenage thing, talked and texted 24/7. This seemed to go on for months. It wasn’t until new years eve when I got the courage to ask Steph if she would be my midnight kiss. I guess the rest is history.

How did he/she propose? 

It was in mid-July, not long after Steph had came back from a work trip to China. I had purchased an engagement ring (unbeknownst to Steph who had picked it out herself) and decided to go to Coogee Headlands for breakfast. I remember it being windy and it was freezing, so I decided to sit on a rock over looking the Coogee beach front. Steph made me promise that if I ever proposed I had to make sure there wasn’t a crowd of people because she didn’t want to be a viral star on Sunrise. Unfortunately it felt like everything was against me, because as soon as I had the confidence to ask the big question, a busload of people arrived and were all standing around us, also taking in the beautiful view. I don’t know if it was the nerves or the cold weather but I was shaking, so Steph suggested we go down to our regular cafe for breakfast as she was worried I might get hypothermia. Determined to pop the question, I denied the fact that I was freezing from the inside out, and I decided to walk further up the headland to a more private view point where I pulled out the ring that Steph had chosen! As there were many people still around us, I didn’t traditionally get to one knee, as I respected Steph’s wishes for a discreet proposal. So we proceeded down the hill to get our coffee, all the while Steph was giggling at my attempts to brave the cold. Just to top it off and to keep the traditions alive, when we returned home, I got down on one knee and asked again, Steph responded with a giggly “yes”.

Why did you choose Angourie Resort?

We have had a few family friends get married at this venue. We instantly fell in love and Angourie Resort ticked all of our boxes! The resort had enough ‘beach’ feeling for Ethan with the right amount of garden and forest setting for Steph. Great photo locations throughout the resort and surroundings, helpful staff and large reception and ceremony area. With accommodation close by, there was a place to stay before and after the wedding.

Did you have a theme?

While we didn’t decide on a theme as such, we wanted the day to be relaxed, fun and carefree. We didn’t want us or our guests feeling like they had to dress or act a certain way and, above all, we wanted everyone to enjoy our special day! Steph loved the idea of native flowers, as well a touch of romantic draping and lights, so we used these together with a touch of ‘rustic’ feeling to add to our ceremony and reception decorations. Our florist, and Angourie staff did an amazing job of transforming our ideas into reality. So I guess you can say our theme was casual and modern yet rustic, it was absolutely perfect for us!

Describe your day and how you both felt

Steph: Feeling slightly nervous, I needed some support and cuddles before the ceremony but I made sure not to show Ethan my dress. The morning seemed to go incredibly slow in the lead up to the ceremony, I couldn’t eat just thinking about it! But as soon as I saw Ethan at the end of the aisle I felt like I had no care in the world.

Ethan: I was also filled with nerves and excitement. I could feel butterflies on butterflies as we both worked so hard to make the day special and all I wanted to do was to spend the whole day with Steph, I could see how happy and excited she was. The height of emotions was when I was standing up waiting for the music to start for Steph’s arrival. I kept thinking “maybe I should go and see if she is OK or needs a hand putting her shoes on, or maybe she lost her phone and needed me to find it” (she is good at that). But the moment I heard the music start and saw her in her dress the nerves left me completely and I couldn’t stop smiling.

Neither of us really remember what the celebrant was saying as we were just caught up in the moment standing next to each other. The rest of the afternoon and night was filled with happiness, laughter and good times. To this day it is still considered the happiest day of our lives.

What was the stand out moment for you?

All-and-all the day was filled with special and fun moments, so we couldn’t really pinpoint a standout moment. But we both agree one thing we loved; Jess knew how nervous Steph was feeling in the lead up to the ceremony so she was sweet enough to take her some lollies as she sensed a sugar rush might be in order. It was such a small gesture, but it meant so much to us. She truly is great at her job, as she had thought of everything for us.

Ceremony Location: Poolside Pergola, Angourie Resort / Reception Venue: Bangalow Room & Bar, Angourie Resort / Photo Location: Green Point, Angourie / Celebrant: Sandra Humphries / Photographer: Amy Lowe Feathers & Lace Photography www.facebook.com/feathersnlacephotography/ Hair & Makeup: Zig-Zag Hair Yamba www.facebook.com/zigzaghair.yamba (Hair), Becca M Makeup Artist (Makeup) / Grooms’ Suit Designer: MJ Bale / Brides’ Gown Designer: Jacqueline Exclusive (Brides of Sydney)/ Flowers: Tara Laarhoven