Things to do in Yamba

If you’re looking for beaches and sunshine for your vacation, Yamba is one of the best locations you can choose in Australia. A trip here can be as relaxing, cultural, or adventurous as you like, with a wide range of unique activities to do and locations to visit. Here are some of our suggestions on things to do in Yamba.

Try delicious foods and drinks

Foodies absolutely love Yamba because of its many delicious locations. If you enjoy coffee, you can visit the Botery Rostery grab a cup of delicious coffee from a fully visible roastery, or even take a roastery tour. There’s also the Wombah Coffee Plantation open for visitors, perfect for learning all about how coffee beans are grown and roasted. Those who prefer food over coffee need to do a tasting tour of Nicholson’s Fine Foods, where you can sample and buy unique speciality food items. You can also get a taste of England in the form of high tea or enjoy an outdoor picnic by the river at Yamba Picnics.

Attend the river markets

On the fourth Sunday of every month, a river market is held in Ford Park, including fresh food, handmade clothing and accessories, amusement rides, cultural presentations and live music. Shop the stalls, listen to the music, try some amazing market foods, go on the rides, or just enjoy the atmosphere. The river market is the highlight of every month for the Yamba community and is always appreciated by tourists.

Go to a festival

Throughout the year there are several festivals held in the region, so there might be one on when you visit. The Grafton Jacaranda Festival is a floral festival held in late October to early November, celebrating the jacaranda tree with a ball, a parade and much more, even selecting a yearly queen. The Plunge Art & Cultural Festival goes on through March and April and showcases the arts and culture of the Clarence Valley, making it the perfect way to learn more about our wonderful culture and history.

Hire a boat or kayak

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, one of the best things to do on the northern coast of NSW is exploring our beautiful rivers by boat or by kayak. In Yamba, you can rent a kayak and all the gear you need from the Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your sense of adventure while exploring Yamba and enjoying a day on the Clarence River on a sunny day.

Visit an art gallery

If you’re the artsy type, the Clarence Valley is full of opportunities. There are so many art galleries and museums to explore, showcasing the art, culture and history of the region. Yamba Museum and Gallery is an award-winning museum about the history of Yamba, and there are plenty of small, independent art galleries as well, including Ferry Park Gallery, Coldstream Gallery, Kingstudio, Hilton Gallery and Cowper Art Gallery. If you’ve run out of energy for more adventurous activities or the weather isn’t permitting outdoor explorations, you can spend a relaxing day absorbing the Clarence Valley culture.