Yamba Real Wedding – Modern Gatsby


At their initial tour of the Angourie Resort facilities, Tameka and Brad knew exactly what they wanted when it came to their wedding, and we were so excited to work with them to pull off their unique ‘Modern Gatsby’ theme. From the bouquet, to the marquee, every aspect was extraordinary. Tameka’s attention to detail and taste in style was clearly mirrored on her wedding day. With Tameka’s mother’s assistance, the Angourie Resort team transformed the tennis court into an elegant, yet contemporary wedding reception venue which ultimately emulated the glitz and glamour of an illustrious movie set. Tameka and Brad, along with their kids, danced and partied the night away in true Hollywood style. We hope you enjoy their story.

How did the two of you meet? Please tell us your story

We aren’t your typical ‘high school sweethearts’ but we did go to high school together. He was the twin brother to one of my friends in high school and was always just known to me as “Monique’s brother”. It wasn’t until six years out of school that we reconnected through the ever-popular media platform, Facebook, when Brad sent me a message asking how I’d been. And, well, the rest is history…

How did he/she propose?

Well, I’m sure most of you will get a good kick out of this one, so here goes… We had just had twins 6 months prior, and both had decided a night out for dinner was on the cards. So Brad organised a babysitter and I organised an outfit. Fast forward to the car ride to dinner, and much to my disgust, Brad had started taking some detours on the way to the Restaurant. With the ‘hanger’ really starting to kick in, I repeatedly asked him where he was going and what was he doing? His reply ‘just a surf check’. Hmm a surf check I thought, what were we going to see, it was DARK! I mumbled something under my breath like ‘great, mate, they’re going to give away our table because we’re already 10 minutes late’. Alas, I finally thought we were back on track and then BOOM, another bloody detour. This time he parked at the top of Main Beach. Brad was trying to be romantic as this was where we had spent our first night together, and then there was me, just being ‘salty’ (pun-intended) that we were even more late to dinner now and I was ‘staaaaaarving’. So, he parked the car and then turned to me and said ‘so would you marry me’ and I replied with ‘you know I would, now can we go to dinner?!’ (We were still in the car, because I’d clearly ruined his master plan and the mood). He responded with ‘No, I mean, will you marry me?’ And in true Aussie fashion, he popped the glove-box of his Toyota Hilux Ute, pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring and looked at me with complete and utter love (frustration) and waited for my response which was a BIG FAT YES! And FYI, our table wasn’t given away and we had an extra special dinner that night!

Why did you choose Angourie Resort?

This was an obvious and easy choice for us. I (Tameka) grew up in Yamba and what a better place to have a wedding? The Resort is truly amazing. It’s kept immaculate, up-to-date and very well-presented.

Did you have a theme?

We both have a love for a big, grand and awesome party, so what better a theme then Modern Gatsby? This was our choice of theme and it went off with a BANG!

Describe your day and how you both felt

Brad: I felt pretty calm. The atmosphere with the boys in the morning was very relaxed. And marrying Tameka was the best part of the day. It was a great day all round.

Tameka: I was totally overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the entirety of the day. It was one of the best days of my life! I just want to say that without the meticulous nature and overall professionalism of the resort staff and mainly Jess, the events coordinator, my day would not have run so smoothly and without a hitch! I couldn’t recommend the resort enough! I just had the best day with the best bunch of family and friends.

What was the stand out moment for you?

I think the most special part of our day was definitely becoming husband and wife, followed closely by hearing my Brother’s speech, which he had recorded and sent to our MC. Due to his commitment to the Defence Force,  and being overseas at the time, he was unable to attend. The fun standout moment would have to be my light-up flashing fur jacket and Brad’s flashing bow-tie that we wore upon entry to the marquee for the reception.

Ceremony Location: Green Point Reserve, Angourie  / Reception Venue: Marquee set-up, Angourie Resort / Photo Location: Green Point, Angourie, Angourie Resort, & private property at Palmers Island. / Celebrant: Christine Preston / Photographer: Stephanie Flay Photography / Hair & Makeup: Hair on the Channel, Rebecca Brien Makeup / Grooms’ Suit Designer: Daniel Hetcher – purchased at Gallagher & Co. Menswear store in Yamba / Brides’ Gown Designer: Ja’Dore – purchased at Heavenly Bridal & Formal Gold Coast / Flowers: Yamba Florist – Flowers by Debbie May.